News Flashes!

*See new video of Dan and Ayla in Moounted Police Services Inc. Desensitizing Clinic; Ayla walking through fire, smoke, and obsticle course with police car roaming along side course with siren, flashing emergency lights, and barking police dog all going at once! What a girl!



Major Events at LeDan Morgans

LeDan Morgans makes the AMHA 2013 & 2016 Calendars, Trail Rider & Morgan Horse Magazines

Left: Letha on Ayla in Monument Valley in 2011 in the American Morgan Horse Association breed calendar for 2013.


Top right: Same picture used in The Morgan Horse magazine March 2013 issue as a full page ad for the Morgan Pathways Program, and as a half page add in the April issue of Trail Rider magazine.

Bottom right: The picture of of Dan and Spirit in Texas Canyon was used as a full page ad in the September 2013 issue of The Morgan Horse magazine; don't know if it was also a half page ad in Trail Rider like Letha and Ayla's.

Rhythm & Dan featured in back of 2016 calendar; taken at Catalina State Park in May of 2015 by Letha.




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